This past Monday Kyle and his parents drove up from Toledo and picked me up in route to Grand Rapids. When we arrived we picked up a UHal truck and drove it to the house to pick up all of Kyle’s belongings and then turned around and drove back to Toledo.

Tuesday morning we woke up, piled into our respective vehicles and headed south to Florence. Arrived at the apartment complex around noon, and once Kyle finished the required paperwork, we got the keys and headed over to his new apartment.

The apartment is absolutely wonderful! There is so much space and the layout is perfect. It’s on the second floor, but there’s only one short flight of stairs up. Both of us immediately felt like it was home, it was a comfortable place to be at.

It made me quite sad to leave him this morning to come back home. I really cannot wait until I can get down there and move in with him permanently. I miss seeing him before and after work, and everywhere in between.