Today I came home from work knowing what would be there, but the moment I reached my house and saw a ‘For Sale’ sign posted on the front lawn, all feelings disappeared. It just feels out of place. Other houses have them, but when it’s on MY house, the house that I’ve lived in for the past 13 years, it just sinks my heart.

I knew it would be happening. I realized this last year when my mom knew most likely she’d be getting transferred. I realized it would happen when my parents signed a lease on an apartment in Atlanta last December. I realized this as three relators came waltzing through my house last month. But seeing it physically there on my front lawn…I don’t like it.

It’s not the first move I’ve been through. We moved out of our last house when I was in grade school. I’ve moved away to school, moved to Florida twice, and once to Vegas. But the fact that this house that I love a million times over is being sold, that my parents have moved states away, and that I will probably be moving sometime this year, it’s just crazy.

This year is just going to be full of changes.