I have been on a plane five times this month, flying back and forth to northern Kentucky to visit my boy. I have no idea how my mom does it for work, let alone flight attendants who constantly fly. Every time I head through the airport and board my very small commuter plane to fly south for approximately 40 minutes, I land in a new world that I am familiar with, but yet a stranger to. And that holds true when flying back home.

I know it sounds odd, but there have been so many changes so far this year that I feel like I’m in limbo waiting for the next big thing to happen. My mom lives and works in Atlanta, yet flies home every weekend to prep the house for moving. My dad has since moved back home after being let go of his job. My boyfriend has moved to Kentucky. And me, well I’m just here and there, but I’m not really complaining.

I have a full-time job, yet because it’s the slow season, I’ve been getting three days off every week. Those three days off I book my flight and head to K-tucky. When I get there nothing else in the world seems to matter, nothing about my family selling the house, nothing about work, all that I care about is right there with me.

I realize that at some point this year, hopefully sooner rather than later, the house will have a buyer and be sold. After the house gets sold, there is nothing holding me to living in Michigan anymore. I know that another big change will come its way and I’m ready to take flight and see what happens. But I know it will be in Kentucky.