Ever since I got my iPhone last month I’ve started to become more and more addicted to array of fun little apps that open up new adventures. I’ve recently stumbled upon, thanks to seeing it on my Facebook news feed from friends, is a little thing called FourSquare.

No, it’s not the game that you played when you were a kid.

It’s this little thing that they like to put it as:

We’re part friend-finder, part social cityguide, part nightlife game. We wanted to build something that not only helps you keep up with your friends, but exposes you to new things in and challenges you to explore cities in different ways.

In addition to looking through their website to add fun little “to-do’s,” after adding the application to your phone, whenever you go someplace you “check-in” using the app and it lets others know if you’d like to broadcast it. The more “check-ins” you have, the more badges and points you get. Another great thing about it, is that other people can leave little tips about places, which helps if you’ve never been there before!