Every week we receive our ‘GSS’ survey responses that the company emails out to guests that check-out to receive their feedback. This week’s ‘Guest Service Scores’ returned with one guest having some thoughtful words about a certain someone…

You should promote Bridget to Vice President In Charge of Everything. I don’t know what her actual title is at The Dearborn Inn, but she was just great. I asked for a particular room and she made sure that I got it; I checked out for one night and checked back in and she handled that made sure I was, once again, in the same room. I needed to extend my stay by a couple of hours on my check-out date, and she made that happen. Most of all, though, she is very positive, upbeat and a major plus to the staff at The Dearborn Inn. Don’t let her go.

And that right there is why I absolutely love working in the hospitality industry. It made my entire day.