I’m engaged. There is a ring on my finger. I still get all giddy over looking at it and sharing the story of how it all happened.

This blog is going to take a turn and become a place to gather up my thoughts and wedding day planning. We have talked about certain elements of the big day, but honestly it’s so far away I’m not even thinking specifics on anything at this point.

The main things as of right now:

1. The Ceremony Site – We are looking into Sacred Heart Church, my home parish. I am Catholic, the fiance isn’t, but he said he doesn’t mind the idea of getting married in a church. We do not want a mass and I don’t want every other word out of the pastor something about the Catholic faith. I definitely don’t want to push this into an awkward religious event amongst families.

2. The Reception Site – I have never thought of anywhere else minus Lovett Hall over at The Henry Ford. That place is like my second home and I always knew one day I’d probably end up getting married there if Disney never worked out, haha! We have a site visit next Monday so the fiance can see the space in person.

3. The Date – Well I guess this should have probably been the first main one, but anyways. We both really want a spring wedding, so we are looking into May 2011. I really hope we can square away the date/church/venue within next week, because then I think I’ll have something to figure out when I should get everything else done.

4. Wedding Colors -Since we are doing a spring wedding and we both like a certain color, we decided upon doing a clean and fresh spring look of greens and whites, with a dash of orange. When I mentioned having a third accent color in there and asked if he liked orange or purple, he looked at me and said “you realize you just picked Irish colors” (the fiance is Irish), so it worked!

So this is what I gathered during the first round of looking and researching. I’m sure things will change throughout, but just a general idea for now.