The wedding planning has officially begun and it’s almost beginning to somewhat stress me out. Sure, I’ve already bought three bridal magazines and have thrown myself into the wonders of theknot’s website. All the little details and amazing things that you can have and do is already making me excited about all the possibilities that are out there. But the main factor right now…oh yea, how are we going to pay for everything.

The Budget. Now I guess I’ve never really put two and two together when it comes to planning and paying for an event. Yes, I know the rough cost for a facility fee and how much a wedding dress can cost. Yes, I know that fresh flowers and very expensive, and that feeding people can be quite expensive depending on your menu. But the problem is I’ve never added up all those separate costs together to get the BIG PICTURE.

I still am in the dark on what our budget is and how much help we are going to be receiving from our respective parents, but before we can go ahead and lock in a date with a venue, we really need to figure out the finances.

Can’t we just use rocks and leaves as a barter system, instead of paying with money? After all money is just paper, and well I have a lot of old homework sitting in the back of my closet.