It’s a quarter after 4 in the morning. Gotta love graveyard shifts. Not really. I came into work at 11pm amongst the craziness that was happening. We had two weddings on property, plus two wedding parties off property, but had room blocks here at the hotel. There was already one noise complaint in, and both wedding parties that were here on property were loud and obnoxious, oh and quite drunk.

I finally was able to get all my paperwork and stuff done and finished up later than usual…3:30am. But tonight I came prepared. I brought a bridal magazine and my trusty laptop to work on some items. And the best part is the hotel still has the complimentary wi-fi setup, so free internet!

Today my mom and I went over to see the reception venue where we are definitely wanting to book, after seeing it and asking if the date that we were keen on booking was still open (which it was), my mom told me to put a hold on it. So I did. Monday I have to call over to the church and hopefully see if they have the same date open, and then I’ll go ahead and book both. I think my nerves will calm down a bit after having a set date, ceremony and reception venue booked.