I feel like the big things are finally coming together!!

Like I said in my previous post, we have our date secured. Friday, May 27, 2011. Yes, I know it’s on a Friday (which we are saving some big bucks reception wise for having it on an off-day), and yes I know it’s on Memorial Day Weekend. The latter, well we both wanted it in May, and that date was pretty much the only thing open, so we took it. I’m hoping to get the save the dates out soon, just so people realize that it is a holiday weekend and can make plans if they decide to attend.

Okay, so for the ceremony we are having it at Sacred Heart Church, where I went to middle school. Now there was a lot of debating between having it there or outside, but I’m happy we decided to go with the church. We get to pick exactly what we want said and how it’s going to flow, AND because we are in Michigan, the weather is always messed up, so in case if it does rain (knock on wood it doesn’t), we’ll be safe inside and I won’t hate having to move our garden ceremony into some not so pretty back up space.

The reception will be taking place over at The Henry Ford in the Lovett Hall Ballroom. Now I pretty much always have wanted to have my reception there (or at Disney, but that’s just a tad to expensive) ever since I saw it when I was a kid. So to put down a deposit on the venue this morning, the dream is becoming real. Another great thing is that I interned with the Group and Event Sales office there and all the wedding planners remember me, so it’s fantastic to get even more insight from them because they know me past “just another bride.” I’m their intern who grew up and is getting married.