This afternoon I had an interview with the Kingsgate Marriott Conference Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio. The interview was with two front desk supervisors (I was on speakerphone) and lasted about an hour. An hour after the interview ended I received a voicemail from one of the supervisors asking me to call him back. I do. He goes on and says he spoke with my supervisor to make sure I’m eligible to transfer, which is cleared, and then goes on and offers me the position!!

I’m like…..whaaat?! I JUST interviewed! My oh my goodness makes him say, “things really do happen that fast.” Well apparently so!

Even more so, I will be going in and putting my two weeks tomorrow, and my official start date with Kingsgate is Saturday, June 12th!!

Like I still don’t even know what on earth to think. It’s the same type of job, same company, just a whole different location. But I only have 2 weeks to pack up most of my stuff and move just 5 hours south.

Amazing how things work out in life