Florence, Kentucky

Yesterday I climbed into my car and headed about 5 hours south to my new home. When I finally arrived and took Peanut, my cat, into the apartment, I sat down on the bed and watched her trying to figure out where she now was. I burst into tears. It’s definitely going to take a bit of time for both of us to settle in.

I unpacked most of my clothes, but I’m still waiting to go to Ikea before I unpack my books and random things that the shelves will be filled with.

This morning I woke up and was going to do a test run on how to get to work for tomorrow, but was blindsided with an email from my new manager. Apparently now my first day will be Monday. Now I have three days of sitting around and getting settled in…what was I going to do…

…I decided to go to Barnes and Nobles and I am now the proud owner of a nook! I absolutely love it! I’m still trying to figure everything out, but I’ve downloaded two books so far with my free $50 gift card.