It’s been one week since I’ve moved down to Kentucky, but it feels like so much longer. I’m still settling in; two days ago I randomly broke out into tears while I was having breakfast…I miss home. But I have to hand it to my fiance…he completely understands what I’m going through and has helped me out through this, but because our work schedules are so crazy, we barely see each other which really stinks.

Work is going well for the most part. My manager and supervisor are great, the other girls who work the desk are nice, but some of them are seriously clueless when it comes to certain things. I just look at them and think to myself, “really? you guys never knew how to do that or don’t know how to do that.”

Marriott Kingsgate Conference Center - Cincinnati, OH

The Kingsgate is a great property though. After transferring from the Inn (which is beautiful in its historic sense), it’s nice to have a property that’s up to date and doesn’t have many complaints about the actual property. The only thing that I’m still working on is the fact that we do not have bellmen…the front desk helps with luggage AND valet if the guest wants it.

Parking cars. Such a laugh. I drive a small Mazda. Yesterday I had to valet a HUGE Chevy Tahoe, a Ford Flex and then a small Lexus. Giant vehicles (minus the Lexus which had some weird key), but driving them down to our underground parking is slightly terrifying. I can never park between the concrete pillars because I’m afraid I might wreck the car.

Next weekend I put in for a few days off, because if things keep going strong with the house selling front, I have to head up to home to gather the last of my belongings and bring down all the furniture that has been given to me by my parents. The last time I’ll ever be able to go home to Michigan.