I came home last Thursday for the weekend in order to get the rest of my belongings and figure out how to move the furniture down to Kentucky. Friday morning I got the BEST news ever. The relocation moving company came back and told my parents that they were willing to drop off the furniture on the way down to Atlanta. And what’s even MORE amazing then that…the movers are going to do a side drop off trip for FREE! My mom and I were probably the most relieved people after we found that out. Trying to figure out a U-hal truck, how we would load/unload, and a driver, etc…this is a god sent.

Today and tomorrow we are having a garage sale, with everything priced to sell. My parents were lucky with some big items (their king-size bed frame and huge bookcase extravaganza) that got sold. The house continuously is getting emptier and it really feels like this is it.

This week the movers are coming to pack up everything and put it into the truck. By the end of this week or the beginning of next week, there will be no one in the house. That’s it.


I’m going to miss it.