To be honest, I don’t know much about flowers or floral arrangements or the technical name for many of the flowers I see. I just know what I like and what looks pretty to me. Looking for a florist for our wedding is like looking for a needle in the haystack…I seriously don’t know where to even begin to look or what the price ranges are for things.

There’s a popular event group in Michigan called Emerald City Designs. In every event, wedding, design magazine you are sure to catch a glimpse of their advertisement. Honestly, from their pictures they do some phenomenal work, and so I thought I start inquiring about them.

This morning I received a follow up call from one of their associates, and the first question out of my mouth was what their starting price was. The minimum has to be $3,000. What?! Three THOUSAND dollars for flowers that will die and be thrown away. I politely finished my conversation and hung up with her and crossed that off my list.

So the search for a fantastic, but decently priced florist continues.