In previous posts I talked about how the fiance and I really wanted GauperPhoto to be our photographer, and well, we still do in a way. But the past week communication with them hasn’t been the best (they are in the midst of moving across the country), but also because they are waiting to hear back from another couple that says they want them, but have yet to put down a deposit.

If the other couple finally come back and put down a deposit, for the same weekend we are getting married, then we are out a photographer. I’ve already begun my search for others.

I’ve stumbled upon a few that I like; to name a few: Jessica Johnston, Heather Saunders, and Jen Lynne. They vary in prices between $3550 – 4500. (Gauper, much to our surprise instead of being $2900 as it said on the website, actually starts at $4100…which honestly I don’t know if we have that in our budget).

Out of the few I just mentioned, I’ve found myself constantly being pulled back to Heather Saunders website. I love the fun twist on her modern pictures, and although they aren’t as funky and fun in Gauper’s way of things, she still has her own style and way of seeing things through a lens.

In my mind this is the last major thing that I really need to lock in soon, and hopefully things work themselves out.