The ever continuous photographer search has continued forth. We decided we aren’t going to deal any more with GauperPhoto, and have turned our eyes upon Ms. Heather Saunders. From her return voicemail, which was hilarious listening to, to our emails back and forth, she seems like an amazing down to earth woman who has amazing style.

courtesy of Heather Saunders

When she contacted me back, she told me that she was pretty much booked up in May, but had a few weekends/days that she was available. I was worried that our date was already a no-go and my search would have to continue on, but I emailed her our date, and came back saying that worked for her!

I quickly emailed her back for package listings and asked if there was any way to hold our date till the next time we spoke, basically until I’m able to put down a deposit…still waiting to hear back a response from her.

Fingers crossed!