I’m heading home back to Michigan two weekends from now to get some appointments in. One of my next vendors that I would like to figure out is our florist. In one of my previous posts I mentioned how I know nothing about flowers, and even more clueless on how much flowers should cost.

Through some Google searches I’ve found a couple of florists, but the main issue is that a lot of them are a bit far from our venues and I know delivery costs will start to add up.

I’ve been in email contact with Heidi a bit and she said I could make an appointment with her at any time I come back to Michigan. One of my bridesmaids is looking into making an appointment with one of her older sister’s friends, Megan, who is a florist (and who also did her sister’s wedding). Lastly, I think I’m going to make an appointment with Westborn Market. There’s one literally right down the street from where our reception is being held, so delivery would be extremely easy.

As evident of the pictures of both the centerpieces and bouquets, I’m definitely leaning towards the green/white theme to add into the flowers. The fiance and I have discussed things about the centerpieces and we might go the route of some tall and some low, but that’ll depend on pricing. I would also like to add some mood lighting by having candles on the table too, but we’ll see what the florists say when I go and talk with them!