I know it’s been a while since I’ve last updated, but truthfully there isn’t much for me to report right now. I got the major things taken care of, and I’m hoping to be heading back to Michigan next weekend to get some much needed appointments with vendors up there.


Yesterday my mom dropped by in Kentucky for a small visit. She was in Milwaukee yesterday morning and caught the noon flight to Kentucky, and she wanted to go dress shopping, just the two of us. I was hoping to wait till August when my bridesmaids could come up, but knowing that my mom has helped me pick out every dress I’ve ever worn to every occasion, I knew it would be nice just being the two of us.

Drove over to Fabulous Bridal and tried on eight dresses. The first one I loved, and out of the bunch, if I HAD to pick a dress right now, that would be the one. My consultant said that they were getting another collection by the designer I know I will wear no matter what, but I found out that the dresses won’t be arriving till November. That is REALLY pressing it for time, but they said if I found one they could rush order it for me, and waive the fee for doing so.

Back to Michigan…

I’m planning on visiting with two or three florists (depending on if one is going to be in town that weekend), possibly a salon to look at bridesmaids dresses (although if all three of my bridesmaids come in that weekend in August I might see if we can do it right then and there).

A little less than 10 months to go!