This morning the fiance and I went out to IHOP for breakfast. As we were there talking about our plans for the rest of the day, we got onto the topic of registering and we decided to head over spontaneously after we finished eating.

We made our way over to Bed Bath & Beyond and sat down with Sean who got us all set up. He was hilarious and he walked us through everything. After filling out the paperwork, we picked out our fine dinnerware, plus fine drinkware and luggage all in the office. Once that was completed, he took us out on the floor with the much coveted scan gun.

He took the fiance through the cookware, considering he’s the one that does the cooking, I let him choose the pots and pans, knives, and then we went through and picked out the rest of the kitchen stuff and silverware. Once we got the major appliances out of the way, Sean walked us through the rest of the store telling us what to keep in mind and then let us loose.

We went back through all the kitchen stuff, picked out bedding stuff and also bathroom stuff, plus random other things in there. Unfortunately we didn’t find casual dinnerware at the store, but decided on our drive home that we’d make a pit stop at Macy’s to see what they had.

We walked through the store first off to see if there were things there that we’d even want to register for. We immediately found a casual set that we both loved, so we headed over to the registry area and signed up. Definitely was less work with the manager that set us up, and wasn’t all hospitable about everything, but once we got that beloved scanner gun, we didn’t care.

At Macy’s we focused more on the casual dinnerware, plus we got a few more kitchenware and appliances. I also scanned some vases and serving bowls, but we definitely didn’t see a lot in the store that we liked. It was a quick run through, but I foresee us going online to both stores we registered at to add and change things.