When we got engaged, we each drafted up a list of family and friends that we wanted to invite to our wedding. The starting number was around 140. Over the past four months there has been several add-ons to that list. We are now looking at around 200.

We initially said that there would be between 150-200 people, so I guess we landed within that mark. We’ll see how much the list changes over the next couple of months, before I decide to cut off adding people on, and we can finally purchase our save the dates and invitations.

I know one of the cost cutting ideas for weddings is to cut the guest list. The more people you have, the more food you need, the bigger the cake, the more favors, invitations, etc. But considering we both come from big families, I for sure don’t want to leave anyone out who has been there for us throughout our lives.

Hopefully the list won’t get too outrageous. I really don’t want to go overboard with people, and I’ve been told that normally 10% won’t come anyways…but we’ll see about that.