This past weekend I had two of my bridesmaids and also my parents make the trip down to Kentucky to go on the dress hunt. Saturday morning all of us girls traveled downtown to head over to Fabulous Bridal for our 10am appointment.

Now, a few weeks ago my mom and I went there, just the two of us, to do a little scouting out for my own dress, so we decided to start with the bridesmaids dresses. I pretty much went through the dresses with the girls, and told them the color I had in mine, but told them to pick out the styles that they wanted to try on. We pulled a handful of dresses and it was off to the dressing rooms.

We narrowed it down to a style fairly quickly, with it being a full length dress, in a rich jewel tone green that will look on any skin type. The dress style itself is strapless, and the way it falls over the body, I don’t think anyone will have to worry about the dress being too tight around the waist or stomach area.

After finishing up with the girls, we headed down one floor for me to try on wedding dresses. I had the consultant pull a couple of the dresses I had in mind, even the dress I loved from before. Well, after trying on a few more, I kept wanting to go back to the first one. That dress has popped up in my dreams and I just haven’t been able to pull it out of my head. Standing there in front of the mirror, with my mom and two girls, they all pretty much knew what I was thinking…

I made my decision. I found my dress, AND, it was the very first dress I ever tried on. I cannot wait!!