Yesterday I made a phone call to a Mr. Tony King located in downtown Cincinnati to inquire about him doing alterations for my dress. After doing research to quite a few people and talking with my mom about it, she said I should go with him.

Now, his reviews were a bit all over the place. A lot of people loved him, some people hated the way he was blunt in what he said to them, but overall his work was spot-on. I won’t be needing to physically change anything about my dress, just take in the bust and waist and then add a bustle.

He took my name and number, told me I was number #13 on the list for the month of May (I don’t know how many people per month he takes, but I made it on!), and said that I should gather my undergarments and shoes. Once my dress comes in, I’ll make my first appointment, and I told him that the wedding was out of state, and he said he’d even have the dress done a full week and a half before the date!

Once I hung up, we called the bridal salon and ordered my dress!!