I honestly have no idea when one should start planning a honeymoon, even when we still have 9 months to go, but the thought always creeps into my head and I begin to daydream of all the wonderful places in the world I’d like to go.

And then reality bursts my bubble…’oh yea, where on earth am I going to get the money to pay for THAT.’

I’m taking care of a lot of the vendor expenses for our wedding, so the thought of shelling out an additional $3500+ for an all-inclusive resort is not really doing it for me. I’ve been looking into other areas…staying within the U.S. so we could drive (save money by not flying), seeing if there is a less expensive all-inclusive resort (I have yet to find out).

Then it dawned on me. I’m a Marriott employee. I can get an employee discount at ANY Marriott in the entire world. The one downside…the associate rate isn’t always available, you just need to find those dates that it is, or have reservations do it for you.

And that’s exactly what my co-worker did last night. Reservations was able to find me a 5 day/4 night stay at the JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa for $99 per night.

That’s right $99! Normal price $249 per night. Well I would have been stupid to pass up something like that. I went ahead and booked it online. The nice thing about Marriott reservations is that I won’t even be charged for a deposit. As long as I cancel within 3 days, no charges to my card at all. And I know we’ll have to pay for airfare (as of right now it’d be around $340 roundtrip per person, and of course pay for meals and other stuff…but I think it’d still be cheaper than $3500!!!)

Not bad for a back-up plan in case we can’t agree on something else, or we don’t find anything else we like.