The fiance and I are in the midst of planning a trip for the two of us to head to Michigan during the middle of September. There are a few things that I definitely want to get taken care of considering he’s not able to get a lot of time off.

First up, meet with Amy, our review counselor from the church. When we first met with the priest, we had to take a scantron test to see how “compatible” we are. I don’t need a test to show me anything, we talk about EVERYTHING, and we know where we mesh and where we differ. It’s not rocket science. But alas, part of getting married in the church, is that you have to do this. She said it wouldn’t take more than an hour, and it’s not horribly personal or painstakingly “you shouldn’t get married because you don’t have anything in common.”

Second, make a bakery appointment. There was no doubt in my mind that when it came time to go talk to bakeries about our wedding cake, that I would not be doing it alone. I would never deny my future husband out of cake. Plus, we need to figure out flavors that we both want. I called this morning, and they said we don’t need to make an appointment at all, so it makes things easier on that.

Third, florist. I swear trying to find a florist is literally screwing with my head. I still haven’t made a decision on what I want to do or who I should go with or if I should keep searching. I might call and talk to Richard from Westborn and see price ranges on his centerpieces and then do some calculations to see where we stand.

Considering we’re only going to be in Michigan from Monday through Wednesday, we’re not going to have loads of time to do everything, but at least it’s another step on getting things done.