During the daytime of wedding planning, I am normally grounded, yet my mind will dart all over the place with all the things that I still need to get done and the big thing: money. But through all this I have yet to turn into a bridezilla, nor have I completely lost all the fun that is planning our wedding.

But once the night comes and my mind goes into the land of dreaming, there are some nights where I have the strangest nightmares of what would happen, which are so far out there, that they make me laugh.

Take for instance last night. One of my three days that I can actually remember hours later was that upon getting to our reception site, the venue realized they had double booked two weddings in the ballroom. Their fix? They put our reception in this random small rec meeting room that had purple walls and orange tables. Whaaat???!!!

I don’t know why I even dreamed about it in the first place, considering I know it would never happen.

I assume that if I’m having these odd dreams this far out, I don’t even want to know what I’ll be dreaming of right before the wedding…