When you put down your deposit at The Henry Ford for your wedding, your file gets handed over to one of their wedding consultants who are basically your go-to person for anything and everything for your big day.

After signing our contract I was handed over to one of the senior event managers in the department. I had sat in with her during a wedding tasting and a reception set-up four years ago when I was interning there. Earlier this week, I was on Facebook talking to Donna, another consultant at The Henry Ford, asking her questions in regards to our reception, because I hadn’t heard anything back from the first woman.

Well as it turned out, I received an email the following morning being handed over to Donna from the first woman. YAY!!! I love the fact that I get to work with someone that I got along fantastically during my internship there.

I set up an appointment with her when the fiance and I head north to look at the table set -ups and look at linens and such.