Well, we are heading up to Michigan in just a few days..YAY!! Our first appointment is on Monday at The Henry Ford with Donna, our wedding reception specialist, to go over table decor and random other questions that we both have.

Now, with a ton of my friends getting married recently and seeing their reception photos on Facebook, I’ve imagined everything from huge and glamorous, to simple and elegant. With where our reception is taking place, and the fact that we are using crisp, clean colors, it’s turning into a formal event. And because of that, I’m beginning to change my mind from wanting colored linens, to just wanting crisp white tables and chairs, and let the green centerpieces and candle accents do the talking.

All white just screams simple and elegant. Yes, it doesn’t have any color whatsoever, but it makes a statement on its own. Just think, the bride wears all white.