I’ve been messing around with my computer in trying to see if I could create my own table numbers. I wanted to see if I was able to make them in a way they’d be cohesive with the apple blossom invitations that we’ve decided on.

Several Google-ing images of “apple blossoms” later, I finally found a picture with the perfect shade of green and the layout that I was hoping for.

After then fooling around in Pages (I’m a Mac user), I was able to create a layout template that was simple and went along with our green/white theme. I ended up making 24 additional copies and now have 25 table numbers, even though at this point (if everyone from our guest list comes), we’d only need 20 tables.

Now, I made them, according to the rulers in Pages, 5×7″ a perfect size to put into a small table frame. I’m thinking of printing them onto creme card stock paper, and then placing them into frames. I know the frames will add an additional cost, but I’ve seen inexpensive ones at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Ikea.

Of course, after I created them, I found out that The Henry Ford has complimentary table numbers that I would be able to use.

Free table numbers vs. Homemade ones?