Today is my Friday, but instead of being able to chill out during my next two days off, I will be heading up to Michigan with my fiance to hopefully get more things accomplished.

We are planning on leaving tomorrow morning, I’m hoping no later than 10:30am, and then will be driving north. At 4:00pm, we have an appointment with Donna over at The Henry Ford to go over table set-ups and decor stuff. Then it’s off to Livonia to have dinner with one of my bridesmaids!

Tuesday morning I have an appointment at 10am out in Bloomfield Hills, then at 12:30pm we have our church counseling review in Northville. After that I’m hoping to pop over to Livonia to see the bakery and hopefully lock them in for our cake. Once that’s all done, it’s back to Dearborn to freshen up and then drive down to Monroe to have dinner with the fiance’s parents.

Wednesday we have to get up early and drive back, because I have to be at work by 2:45pm. I was really wanting to have Wednesday off as well, but we are going to be sold out starting next week through the end of October, so days off are extremely limited.

I will give updates once I get back!