Last night while I was talking to my mom via skype, she let me know that she was talking to one of her friends who asked her when the wedding date was. My mom told her that it was the friday of Memorial Day weekend. The friend, shocked that it was on a holiday weekend, thanked my mom in letting her know this early so she wouldn’t make plans to go out of town.

Well, I knew it might be a slight issue that our wedding is a friday, let alone on a holiday weekend. But after hearing that even eight months out family friends are planning, I went ahead and ordered our save the dates.

I was planning on ordering them along with our invitations after we completed our tasting, and then not sending them out till around Christmas, but that’s all changed.

We ordered our save the dates through Magnet Street, an online vendor that you are able to customize pretty much anything. You are able to change the colors, the fonts, the sizes, etc. The save the dates that we ended up choosing is a mini-magnet, so hopefully even though we are sending them out earlier than anticipated, people will just put it on their refrigerator and won’t lose it.

And here’s the proof: