Tuesday was our menu tasting over at The Henry Ford, and it was delicious!

We met up with Donna at the Group and Event Sales office and then the three of us walked over to the library in Lovett Hall. We walked inside and sat down to a mock up table.

First up, we sampled three of the hors dourves that will be offered to our guests during cocktail hour. (Sorry, no pictures. They were consumed practically in one breath after driving nearly 5 hours) But they were delicious!

Second up, we sampled three salads: the caesar, a garden, and a candied walnut and mango salad. We both knew we were going to pick the garden, but we still devoured them.

Third, we sampled both of the chicken entrees:

Grilled Chicken with Cherries


Stuffed Chicken

I honestly thought we were going to end up picking the first one, but the stuffed chicken was just so much better! We picked our four vegetables that we would also offer on our entrees.

Now, back when I was an intern in the wedding department, they offered chocolate covered strawberries as part of the tasting, but they stopped it…

BUT, because Donna is amazing and because she knows who we are, we got them during our tasting!!