This past Wednesday we had our engagement pictures done by the wonderful Heather Saunders. We drove out to Royal Oak to her little business studio to finally meet her. After months of back and forth emailing and talking on the phone, it was so great to meet her in person!

We ended up driving over to this little park area right near her studio and took a ton of pictures, walked around a bit and took more in random little areas.

It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it was going to be – and for that I’m grateful for. There were a few moments where she would instruct us where to look and what to do with our bodies, but other than that it was natural.

I have no idea how many pictures she ended up taking, but she said we should be able to look at the proofs sometime before Christmas. She’s slammed right now trying to get gallery sets done for her past couple of weddings. No rush – we have 7 months before the wedding.