Wednesday afternoon after completing our engagement portraits, we drove over to Livonia to meet with Victor (another florist at Westborn) who will be helping out Richard with our wedding. We walked in and saw three mock ups of different size centerpieces, and they turned out beautifully!

The first one is a small centerpiece, filled with more greens:

The second one was another smaller centerpiece, but it was filled with more white flowers. It looked nice, but we both liked the one above with more greens. Our tables are going to be pretty much all ivory, so we liked how the green would make things pop out more.

Last, but not least was the taller centerpiece arrangement:

That thing is huge! It’s taller than us standing next to it. I loved the fact that they are completely all green and white – I didn’t want to incorporate any other colors into our planning other than those two. Keeps it simple, clean, and fresh.