Slowly but surely I’ve been getting emails, calls, and texts saying that they’ve received our save the dates. Things have been mostly positive (they love the cute magnet idea and that they cannot wait), but I’ve begun to hear the negative from the fiance’s side of the family.

I guess a couple of his aunts have told his mom that they wanted to know if there was a typo on them. Wondering if in fact the wedding was supposed to be on Saturday, not on a Friday. Really? You think that we would be dumb in purchasing 120 of them not realizing we put the wrong date? Trust me, I kept double checking and triple checking to make sure everything was correct.

“Oh, well it’s a Friday, I have to work, won’t be able to make it.” Seriously? I get that. The ceremony is at 5pm, I honestly don’t care if you can’t make it to that. But the cocktail hour starts at 6:30pm, dinner is 7:30pm. I think that’ll give you more than enough time to drive the 50 minutes it takes from Toledo to Dearborn.

It’s a family member’s wedding. It’s not a recurring event. You make the time – hell, we’re giving everyone practically a 7 month heads up on the date!

Kyle has already said he’ll start calling people up and guilt tripping them into coming – and that he’s looking forward to doing that.

I knew that the whole “getting married on Friday” could be a potential risk on how many people end up coming, but then again, it’s a holiday weekend. Most everyone is already getting that Monday off for Memorial Day, why not cut work Friday and make it a 4 day weekend.

Sigh. I hope people end up coming.