Part of getting married in the Catholic church is that you have to go through prep classes. Our first one we have already completed, which wasn’t so much a class, but was more of going through a questionnaire with a family counselor.

The next part is that we actually have to partake in a marriage prep class. Normally these are done in a retreat fashion where you either go for a full day, weekend, or multiple night classes depending on what works best with your schedule.

Considering we are not in Michigan it’s a bit tough attempting to get to these classes…but, thank god for technology!!!

There is a AOD (archdiocese of Detroit) marriage prep class online that we are able to do, and it will give us our certificate to show that we have completed it. We are able to do it all in one sitting, or we can break it up between topics. Now we just have to figure out when we want to start them and get them completed!