Oh, the dreaded questions when it comes to finalizing invitation wording. I plan on ordering all our invitations before the end of the year, even though they won’t be sent out till March (or something like that).

I have stumbled upon a couple of websites that go through how you should address formal and informal invitations, if the bride’s parents are hosting versus the groom’s parents, and practically everything in between.

The first one goes through on how to address the actual invitation, response cards, and addressing the envelopes.

The second site talks directly about how to address envelopes correctly, though it slightly confused me with all the different forms out there. I’ve pretty much decided how I am going to be addressing the envelopes, even if it’s not the “formal” way to do things.

The third site is taken directly from where we ordered our save the dates and also where our invitations will be ordered. This wording guide goes through everything! Because of Magnet Street’s personalization ability for it’s customers, they provide a wide variety of different wordings for everything depending on what the wedding or couple wants.