I have been cleaning up a storm for the past two days in preparation for my family coming in for thanksgiving. This morning I picked up our turkey from a fresh turkey farm (no butterball or grocery store turkeys on our table!), and then picked up our three pies (no, we don’t make fresh pies…bob evans pie’s are amazing, don’t judge).

After finishing my running around, I came home and finished laundry, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, vacuumed the entire apartment, and then lit some candles and nestled in.

My parents and younger brother arrived around 5pm, after driving up from Atlanta, through the horrible cold and rain that has descended upon us in Kentucky.

It was wonderful seeing them and getting things dropped off, especially all my christmas ornaments. Our tree is now even more packed with ornaments.

Tomorrow is turkey day, and I get to celebrate it with my family and my fiance. Last year we celebrated it in Chicago at one of my cousin’s apartments, two years ago was our last thanksgiving in our house back in Michigan. This will be the first year that I can think of that it will only be my immediate family sitting down for thanksgiving. It’s strange to think that there won’t be 20+ people coming over, but on the flip side, I get to make thanksgiving dinner with my fiance for the first time.

Have a safe and happy thanksgiving.