Our invitations are ordered! No wait, our invitations, reception cards, rsvp cards, AND thank you cards are all ordered!

When we ordered our save the dates, we received a 20% off coupon to use on our next purchase. Well, last week I received an email from MagnetStreet and they upped the ante to 25% off through November 29th. I just couldn’t let that slip through my fingers. We saved some serious $$$.

Now everything is in production mode, I wanted some special things to be done to our invitation, mainly I wanted an umlaut over the “e” in Zoe. So before they actually make the invitations, they have to make up a proof and email it to me so I can sign off on it, but I’m hoping to receive all our invitation stuff sometime before Christmas!

It’s still six months out, so technically I don’t think the invitations have to be in the mail until March or so, but it’ll definitely give me time to make up all 120ish invitations and address them all.