My fiance and I don’t have many pictures of ourselves together. We definitely have a lot of pictures that we have taken of each other, but when it comes to pictures of us as a couple, we fall short. Just kinda happened that way I guess, neither of us are much camera people, and if I do have my camera, I’m always “in the moment” and don’t bother grabbing out my camera to fool around in trying to get a good picture.

Well over the past year we have gathered up a good number of pictures that have the two of us in them. Thanks to parents, friendly tourists when we go on vacation, and through random other ways.

When our engagement pictures came in, of course I wanted to get actual pictures printed. We have so many that are on my computer or on Facebook, but none that are in frames. So once our proofs came in, we ended up buying two 5×7, and four 4×6 pictures.

Today I went to Target and ended up buying five frames…I didn’t go to Target to buy the frames to begin with, but then I saw the aisle and figured I should get some…and I couldn’t for the life of me remember how many pictures we ended up purchasing. Alas, I ended one frame short, so another trip to Target will be in order to get that one last frame.

I put the pictures into their respective frames and they are now on display on our buffet table. Sorry for the horrible picture, I took it with my Mac, and the reflection with the frames and camera flash…but you get the idea.

I think I’ve rearranged the pictures about five times already, and they’ll probably move more, but for now there they are!