Ever since moving to Kentucky I have been trying to change our apartment from a bachelor pad/college mosh posh of junk, into a home for the two of us and well, better furnishings. I was lucky enough that when my parents sold our house, and they moved to Atlanta, they weren’t going to have room for all the furniture we had, so I was lucky to inherit our entire oak wood dining set that belonged to my grandparents (a huge table, that can sit up to 10/12 people, a china cabinet, and a buffet table), and also our L-shaped leather couch, two side tables, a tv stand, and the coffee table, all of which is from Ethan Allen.

I’ve been trying to update things here and there, change out the bathroom decor, adding decorations, but because I’m also saving for our wedding, I can’t go ALL out with things.

As a christmas present to us, my parents wanted to get us an entire bedroom set from IKEA. I swear I have the greatest parents in the world. This morning Kyle and I drove out to IKEA, and ended up buying two dressers (an 8 drawer, and a 3 drawer), a bed frame, and a new mattress. We brought home the two dressers and currently putting those together, and the rest will be delivered tomorrow morning!

It’s absolutely wonderful to actually gain an entire bedroom set that matches, and what’s even better is a brand new mattress!!!!! I think that’s what Kyle is most excited about. We’ve slept on old ones that I have been poked in the shoulder by springs, and that are just over 30-40 years old. It’s definitely time for an update.

So excited about seeing everything put together!