This afternoon while I was catching up with my Netflix’s, there was a quick knock on the door. I was confused because, well, I haven’t been expecting anything in the mail.

Well, lo and behold I opened the door and there were two boxes sitting there. One glance at the return address label to confirm my thoughts, and viola, our invitations had just arrived!!

At the end of November I received the invitations proofs via email from the designer, and she had said she would email me a tracking number through UPS after they got shipped out. Yea, never got the tracking number, or an email saying they were even shipped.

10 days later…I have them now sitting in my living room!!

Invitations, RSVP cards, enclosure info cards, info holders, thank you’s, and envelopes galore!!

Now of course I don’t plan on even sending them out anytime soon, in fact, I really have no idea when I should actually send them out. I want responses back no later than May 6, which is probably earlier than you’re supposed to want them back for wedding that’s happening 3 weeks later (or maybe not, I don’t know)…BUT, I figure we’ll probably going to have to call people and follow up in case we don’t get their rsvp’s back in the mail.

Ooh happy day, one more thing I can cross off our list!

Now I just need to put them all together…