I wear glasses. Well, most of the time I wear glasses. I’ll wear them when I’m driving, going out, or working. But if I’m just chilling out in the apartment I won’t even touch them. During the summer when I have my sunglasses on running errands, a lot of the times I won’t switch into my normal glasses when I enter into a store, because I can see great for the most part without any help from them.

I decided to wear my glasses during our engagement pictures because I figured that was my “normal wear,” but for our big day, I kept bouncing back and forth on the issue.

Now I realize that I wear glasses, and my fiance loves me when I wear them, but I never saw myself ever wearing them when I got married. So I have decided that I definitely will not be wearing them for the ceremony, I can see enough walking down the aisle, heck I’ll even be able to see what’s at the end of the aisle (which is definitely important!), but I won’t have to worry about crying onto my glasses, or having a glare when taking pictures. I plan on taking them with me to the reception, just in case for back-up.