Sorry I’ve been MIA. Tuesday night Kyle’s dad, (my future father in law), came down to visit with us, and the moment I walked in the door after work, it felt like Christmas morning. I felt like I was a kid again after eyeing all the boxes under our christmas tree.

That night we each opened up one small gift. I received two beautiful mugs from my future mother in law. I’ve been wanting a nice pair of mugs ever since it started getting cold, so I could fill them up with hot cocoa. Also, Kyle and I received some ornaments from his dad, that I immediately put up on our tree.

Wednesday morning, Kyle of course, woke me up saying it was “fake christmas” and just like a little kid, could not resist the urge on wanting to open up the rest of the gifts. We piled onto the couch and opened up quite a few goodies. We received a coffee maker, a toaster, two sets of our silverware, and our entire collection of new pots and pans all off our registry. It was absolutely amazing!

As of right now, we are thinking about returning the coffee maker and toaster and upgrading them into either a keurig maker or a george foreman grill, both of which we have been dying to have ever since moving in.