Today is the day I get to go and pick up my wedding dress! I thought I would have at least another month until it came in, but now I’ll have my hands around it in 3 short hours, I can only think that the time between now and the big day is getting shorter and shorter.

When I moved down to Kentucky, I knew it was going to be rough trying to plan a Michigan wedding. I had to resort to sending lots of emails, filling out online inquiries, and making lots of phone calls. When it came time to decide on where to purchase the dress, the main contenders was either going to be here in Kentucky or back up in Michigan.

I ended up doing some online searches and found Fabulous Bridal, which is located in the fabulous bridal district down in Covington. Donna, who helped us out initially, was absolutely wonderful and took her time in really listening to what I liked and didn’t like. Everyone in the salon was extremely helpful, and any questions that I emailed, I knew I would receive a prompt answer.

The only down fall was the fact that the salon does not do in-house alterations, which worried my mother more than me. I can understand the pros and cons for having alterations done at the salon…more so not having to haul your dress to every alteration appointment. But in the end, we decided to stick with the salon, purchased everyones dresses, and I already have a (from what I’ve heard) fantastic alteration person lined up.

If anyone is getting married or planning a wedding around the greater Cincinnati area, I would strongly recommend the salon to anyone.