Ever since I knew anything about how wedding work, I knew that the first time the bride and groom saw each other was the moment when the bride started walking down the aisle towards her husband to be. It’s definitely a special moment.

I’m not quite sure when this whole “first look” started. If you’re not aware of what it is, basically the groom and bride meet with the photographer sometime before the ceremony to have more pictures done. Normally the groom stands with his back towards the bride while the bride walks up behind to surprise him. The photographer is there to capture the emotions.

I honestly did think about a first look, more so so that we would be able to get in pictures after the ceremony and before the reception. But when I brought this up with my fiance, he flat out said no. His reasoning? He really wanted the first time seeing me being when I was walking down the aisle towards him. Aaaww, melted my heart. Who knew a guy would have such a strong feeling about it.