I called my alterations guy, Tony King, this morning to talk with him about when I should come in for my first appointment. What would have taken all of 3 minutes to pick a date/time, turned into an 11 minute conversation about girls who he’s worked with that get married out of state. The guy is absolutely hilarious to talk to, and I’m eager to meet him in person…especially after hearing the reviews about him.

My first alterations appointment is February 26! Seems like it’s still far away, but it’s just a little over 2 months, and then I’ll only have 3 months after that until the big day!!

When we went and picked up my dress and veil, I tried them on to show them off to my pseudo-mom down here in Cincinnati (a good family friend of ours, and who is also holding my dress at her house in between alterations). The dress fit absolutely perfectly! I literally canNOT gain any weight between now and the wedding. I seriously think all Tony will have to do is take it in a little at the bust, do the hem, and a bustle, and call it good!

I told my mom about it, and she asked me if I was worried about it fitting THAT good. I admit that I’m a tad bit worried, but I think it was more so that it felt when the lady was pulling together the back inside bra, it made the material dig onto my boney hip bones. I’m hoping Tony can figure something out in case it bothers me at the first appointment.

BUT! In any case, I have my dress and my veil, and it’s becoming more and more a reality.