I stumbled upon this from another website and thought it was pretty useful with the whole conundrum of choosing between an escort and place card.

If you’re using escort cards WITHOUT place cards…

  • It’s a good idea to set the escort cards at each place for the bridal party so they don’t have to worry about where exactly they should sit.
  • You might also consider presetting escort cards for parents, grandparents, and other honored guests to ensure they get a “good” seat.

If you’re using escort cards WITHOUT place cards AND offering meal choices…

  • Be sure to create a separate escort card for each guest and indicate their meal selection (rather than putting couples or families all on one card).
  • You might want to reconsider adding place cards to ensure that each guest’s meal choice tis viewable by the catering staff. Not every guest will place his escort card on the able in front of him.

If you’re using place cards WITHOUT escort cards…

  • If you want to use place cards, you must find a way to convey each guests table assignment. Escort cards are one way of doing that, so if you don’t want to use them, you must find another way.
  • One common alternative is to create a chart of sorts, listing your guests alphabetically along with their assigned table.