Considering we are slow during work, we have all been working 3-4 days per week (great for me to use up the last of my PTO!) But at any rate, instead of being a bum for four days straight, I thought I could put my lazy lounge time to good use and start addressing envelopes.

I figured I would start off easy, so I’m mainly focusing around doing the RSVP envelopes. I mean seriously, all I really need to do is write my name and address a good 125 times and viola! One piece of the intricate invitation ensemble complete!

And boy am I moving along. Last night I addressed almost all 125 (I stopped short with 12 left to do, because I might not need them) – but I’ll have to go back through and put stamps on all of them. When I make the trek out to the post office, I’m going to take a thoroughly put together invitation and see what the weight is and if I’ll need any additional postage.

I honestly think at this point I’m going to have to purchase around 250 stamps!! Insanity!