I realized that I never got around to actually talking about the dress that we chose for the bridesmaids. Well I don’t really have actual pictures of the exact dress yet, but I do have two pictures from when we all went to the salon.

First off, the designer we ended up going with was Jasmine Bridal, specifically the B2 Collection. The girls ended up all deciding upon a strapless dress, that will end up being floor length. The decision ultimately came down to the fact that we’re getting married inside a church, and it’s during the evening. Both of those factors pushed it more towards formal than informal, thus going with a floor length over a shorter dress.

Now, here’s a picture of the dress (not color) of what we decided on:

What’s great about the dress is that it’s got the pleating towards the front center, which means no one has to worry about if they have a “gut” sticking out. It flows great, and it’s one of those designs that’s simple and classic.

Considering green is one of our main colors, the dress color for the girls is technically called “pure jade.” It’s a rich jewel tone color, which means it looks good on any skin tone. Jewel tones are always the way to go!!

Here’s a swatch that I cropped from one of the other dresses:

Hard part when looking at bridesmaids dresses/colors online, NOTHING ever looks like it does on your computer monitor. Go out and look in person!