It’s officially 2011 – where has the time run off to? I swear it was only April of last year when we got engaged. And when we set the date for May 2011, I knew I had a good 13 months of planning our wedding. 13 whole months. Okay, seriously, where did the months fly off to?

Okay, with that aside, I feel like we are right on track with getting things done and what we still have left to do. And thanks to theKnot, I can keep right on target and make sure I have everything set.

Our next immediate things that we need to look into and get the ball rolling would include:

  • Start looking into tux’s for the groom and groomsmen
  • Book rehearsal dinner site
  • Start addressing invitations
  • Purchase wedding bands

Seems like a fair mini list for the next month or two, we pretty much know where we want our rehearsal dinner at. As for the invitations, I will be the one who will be handwriting each by myself, but we won’t be sending them out until the end of February/early March.

Onto the tux’s!